Pull Curtain

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

The pull curtain is a design that I have only found to work with an east facing tapestry. The design is best used to section off one room from another where perhaps you did not think to first place a wall.

The other restriction is that the south tile is the only tile that can be used. This is because when placing the torches and other items – you will lose them behind the curtain and they are not viewable.

Items Needed:

  • 3 Bolas
  • 5 Torches
  • 1 East Facing Tapestry
  • Topper (3 shown)
First step is to simply place your tapestry where you wish to build your new pull curtain.
The next step is to stack the torches and raise them up in the outside tile of the curtain. You do not want to see any flame.

Remember, you must light the torch before raising it with the deco tool.

Now that your torches are placed, you will stack your 3 bolas into the pile and lock them down as well.

Raise them up to where they appear to be draw strings hanging from the newly built rod.

The top bola’s “loop” should be at about the height of the fire of the top torch.

The new rod needs a topper.

In my display of items needed, I have 3 that will work. I tried items such as an evil orc helm as well as a crystal nox, but their placement on the tiles was not correct to appear as a true topper for your pull curtain rod. Below is an image of the 3 different toppers shown above.

Remember – you will need to lock down and raise your new topper as it will fall between the other items used for the rod.

The below image is of a pull curtain I placed in one of my decor jobs – this is located in Fluffy Bunny’s Fel home – used to separate his bedroom and bathroom.
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