Record Player

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

What a fun touch for any play room or living room in UO! With just a few items – you can make this nice table top decoration.
Items Needed:

  • 2 Pans of Cookies
  • 1 Colored Ingot (Copper Shown)
  • 2 Bucklers
  • 1 Clock Parts (from NPC Tinker)
  • 1 Smoothing Plane (from NPC Carpenter)

Decor Tool Needed

The first thing to do is place your 2 pans of cookies where you want your player to be. Stacked and Locked down. This is your player’s base.Place the buckler’s next and lock them down.

Next place and lock down the smoothing plane. Lower it 1 time.

Now it’s time to add the clockparts. Drop them onto your player and lock them down. Raise it 2 times so it is almost center of the buckler on top. It should look like the needle of the record player.Now, place and lock down the ingot. Lower it 1 placement.

Your decor should shift. Now raise the clockparts 1 time again.

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