Standing Armor – non-deed type

Written by: Whipstitch of Great Lakes

This is a nice display for your smithy shop! Now the one I made isn’t very pretty, as I had to buy the
parts at NPC vendors (and found one piece dumped at WBB) but for the skilled smith and tinker it can be a lovely display item.
Items needed:

  • Chaos shield
  • Metal Kite Shield
  • Plate mail Arms (monster loot enhanced to color)
  • Globe
  • Long sword
  • Norse Helm
  • Interior Decorator Tool.

If possible have all the items made from the same ore!

1. Lock down the chaos shield.

2. Drop globe on shield, lock down and raise twice with deco tool.

3. Drop helm onto shield, lock down and raise 9-10 times.

4. Drop arms onto shield, lock down and raise 4-5 times.

5. Drop sword onto shield, lockdown and raise 5 times

6. Place kite shield just in front of display, lock down and raise.

You may need to adjust items up or down to get them just right.Here is a picture from Ariel’s Dagger Island Museum, which shows the display made in colored ore. Very pretty!
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