Written by: Siobhan of Legends

This idea was originally brough to be my Lady Devil’s Own of FSB, so it is not something I can’t take credit for as far as creation, but she is allowing me to write up the idea for all our website visitors to view.

Thank you Lady Devil’s for this great idea!

Items Needed:

  • 8 Bola Balls
  • 1 Wooden Shield
  • 1 Barrel Tap

Other items to use instead of bola balls: skulls, torches, brains, bowls, barrel lids, tamborines…

The first step is to stack your 8 bola balls down on one tile. Not as a single unit, but separately on top of one another.

Devil’s Own used torches as well – which produces a nice pedestal for your sundial as well as lights it up at night. Next, place the shield on top of your stack.

Lower your shield 1 placement.

The next and final step is to place your barrel tap on the pile.

Raise it 2 placements.

Voila – SUNDIAL!

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