Written by: Yuri Black of Catskills

Yuri does not claim ownership of the idea of this design, only that he wished to write up the tutorial to share with the UO Community.

The Bunny kit is a nice little decor piece. I like it because it also has 2 containers to store whatever you wish. Also, if you dye it with a black dye tub, you hardly notice them

Items needed:

  • Left Facing Skullcap (found as loot on monsters)
  • Right Facing Skullcap (player crafted)
  • 2 Bags bought from NPC Provisioner
  • Left Facing Thigh Boots (bought from NPC Cobbler or Aquarium Reward Boots)

The Interior Decorating Tool is needed for this design.

If you wish for your bunny to face the other direction, substituted Right Facing Thigh Boots for the left. Right Facing boots are player crafted.

First place the thigh boots in the direction of your choice followed by the 2 bags.

Secure every thing.

Next, place the left facing skull cap and lock it down.

Follow that with the right facing skull cap. Don’t forget to lock it down.

Lower each of the skullcaps one notch with an Interior Decorator tool.

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