Jack ‘O Lantern

Written by: Pluff of Sonoma

This is so easy…SO easy. You won’t even believe it. It takes 4 items and 3 minutes and looks FAB. Faun deserves a prize for this one. Get your four items:

  • Orange Dyed Bag Ball
  • Skull Cap dyed Green
  • Yellow Eggs
  • Cut Lemons (semi-rare)
Lock Down the bagball where you want the Jack-O-Lantern to be.

Stack the skull cap on top of the bagball, lock it, and raise it 4 times with the dec tool.


Lock the eggs down in the square that is diagonally in front of the bagball (South East)

Stack and lock down the sliced lemons on top of the eggs.

Raise the lemons 11 times with the dec tool.

Raise the eggs 10 times.

And that’s it! It’s so cute you need 6 for your Halloween party. And so easy you could hire your dog to do it for you. But what fun would that be?
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