Serving Counter

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

Items Needed:

  • 4 Wooden Chests
  • 12 Benches
  • 4 Mallet and Chisels
  • 6 Clock Frames
  • Random Decorative Items

The Interior Decorator Tool is used for this tutorial.

We are going to start on the easternmost tile. This deco item takes up 4 tiles, so be sure you leave plenty of room. This is best built up against a wall.

First place a wooden chest. Lock it down and turn it so the end is facing out.

Next place a bench down on the same tile. Lock it down. Turn it so it is flush against the wall. Lower this bench 2 times using the deco tool.

Our next step is to build the drawer. Do this by placing a mallet and chisel down on the same tile and lock it down. Lower it one time with the deco ool.

Follow this now with another bench. Don’t forget to lock it down.

Place a single clockframe on the tile and lock it down. Raise it 2 times with the deco tool.

Now we are going to top our tile set off with another bench. Place another bench on the same tile and lock it down.

Make sure it is turned flush to the wall and raise it 6 times using the deco tool.

Once you have built this, repeat as many times as you like.

For me, I am doing 4 tiles. I will be building to the west of the current tile I just created.

The picture to the right depicts all four units built and complete.

As you can see, it is now missing the general countertop deco, but the end piece on the east side looks very incomplete.

This is something you can easily cap off with an armoire or shelves, but I am going to use 2 more clock frames.

I start by placing a single clock frame on the tile just east of the counter. Don’t forget to lock it down.

I am then going to raise it up flush to the top of the unit. This should be about 9 times.

Next, place the last clock frame on the same tile. Lock it down and raise it up flush to the one you just placed.

If you did not build your unit next to an east wall, you might wish to use a third clockframe here to ensure it is flush to the floor.

Now, the simple part of this deco piece – add your items! I have chosen a tray, some plates and a mug.

Place them randomly until it pleases the eye.


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