How to Place Items on Customized House Steps – Multiple Tips



By Lord Gareth, posted on UOForums here.

blt4Simply customize your house.

Select the half circle steps.

Get a square goza.

Place goza on half circle step.

Raise goza two spaces or more depending on height you want.

Double click add-on deed and click Goza mat.

(Same applys for Rubble & Lamp Posts. Get goza square raise it to the height you want your rubble or lamp post. If you cant get item to place. Grab a box put item in then place box on Goza. Then Axe box.)

Vendor height-

Get square goza


Put vendor contract on goza.

Axe Goza.

Rent vendor.

Place multiple gozas like steps.

Or use the Christmas Snow.

And place your own vendor on the goza.

Two story token statues OR character statues.

Character statues only need 1 goza

I believe the two story statues need 3 or 4 raised to the same height.

You can do this with ANY add-on.


That pesky banner wont go the right height?

Grab a treasure map! Place it on the steps or the square box step and raise it 2 spaces.

Double click banner deed.

Click on T-map.

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