Display Counter

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

The display counter is a relatively easy unit to build and can be placed along one wall or around a corner. These are great for displaying rares or even making a nice kitchen counter workspace with “overhead.” Using lanterns can add a nice drop lighting effect. Folks can use them to display weapons or clothing all the way to true rares.My example below is to just make 2 counters that will wrap around a corner. Leave out the corner piece and build one long counter or extend it further out. To make 1 counter, it is a single chest and 2 benches.
Items Needed:

  • 2 Chests
  • 4 Benches
  • 2 Tables
  • Decor for both corner and counters
  • Lanterns (optional)
Place the chest where you wish for your counter to be. Lock it down and turn according to direction. The piece of my counter shown to the left will be along the north wall, so I wish for the chest to actually face east.Place and lock the bench down on top of the chest. Lower it 2 placements using the decor tool.

Place another bench on top of the chest. Lock it down and raise it 4 placements with your decor tool.

You have now build the first piece of your counter. The next step in my example would be to build the “corner piece.” This is simply done by stacking the two tables in the west corner. Decorate the top of your corner piece now. Doing it now will be easier than trying to do it with decor pieces on either side of the tile.
Using the remaining 2 benches and the remaining chest – place them to the south of the stacked tables. And build a counter, only this time the chest will be facing south (opposite the other chest you placed).
Below is an image of displayed clothing on the shelves I have just built – keep in mind the edges are raw looking and either building them so they are “hidden” under the east wall or placing a face or topiary at the side would give them a more finished appearance. What I did was purchase a couple natural wood armoire and they fit nice and snug against the raw edges to give it a “finished” look.
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