Dye Tub Stand

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

Many folks have public dye tub areas for vendor houses or friends but more times than not, the house owner ends up displaying their dye tubs the same way over and over. I tend to use small wooden tables – 1 stack of table, tub, table, tub. Not sure why I do this – but it can get old quick.

This here is a decorative option for displaying your dye tubs. When lined up along a wall, it looks very nice.

Items Needed:

  • Music Stand (or globe)
  • Whip (Semi Rare)
  • Dye Tub

Decor Tool is required for this design.

The Dye Tub Stand can be made with using a music stand or a globe. This tutorial will go through the music stand version although the globe is just as easy following the same steps. The item you uses determines what the base looks like – a full circle stand or the 4 legged stand.
First step – place and lock down the music stand where you want your dye tub stand to be.

Next step is to place the whip on the same tile and lock it down. Lower it 4 placements with the deco tool.

Next is to put the dye tub on the pile and lock it down. Lower it 1 time with the deco tool.


Easy as that.

Remember, if you want your tub to be public access – set the security to anyone. In public dye tub areas, be sure to have plenty of dyes locked down also set to the anyone security level.
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