Fancy Book Stand

Written by: Eisenhorn of Great Lakes

I wish I could take credit for the originality of this design being my own. I really do not who came up with originally, but I saw it for the first time at the Chesepeake “Red Wolf Inn” in the town of Gyldenfeld. As soon as I saw it I knew it had to appear on Castles, so…here it is.
Items Needed:

  • Anvil (Any Direction)
  • Barrel Lid
  • Book or Rune Book to Be Displayed
  • Music Stand (Any Direction)
  • Lantern, optional
Place the Anvil in desired location.

Place the barrel lid on the anvil. Lock it down. Then lower it to it sits securely on the anvil.

Place the music stand on the same tile as the
anvil/lid. Lock it down.Place the book to be desired on the same tile, and lock it down. Lower it twice.

Presto, you’ve got a fancy display for a book!

Optional: Reading/Display Light!

Step Five: Place a lantern on top of the book and lock it down. Lower it three times or until it sinks below the book.

Turn it on, and your book is bathed in light!

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