Fancy Legged Table

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

So, perhaps the round table is all nice and pretty, but you are looking for something more “square.” This is an option I came up with – hopefully you will enjoy.
Items Needed:

  • 5 Round Base Statues (from vorpal bunny)
  • 4 True Black Cloth (or color of your choice)

The decorator tool is needed for this design.

Place the 3 statues as you see to the right. They will fall in the east corner of the tile. Your table will be built on top of the east statue.
Now, place 1 stack of black cloth (2 cloths as 1 pile) on top of the eastern/southern most statue and lock it down. Raise it 8 times with the deco tool.

Drop the other pile of black cloth in the same tile. Lock it down and raise it 9 times.

You can get a little more elaborate with this design by extending it out to the side more making it more of a coffee table as well as coloring the cloth to match your other decor in the room.

Just remember, if you extend it out, add 4 more cloth per extra tile.

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