Heating Stand & Table

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

A lot of people enjoy a nice alchemy area to show off a skill they have worked hard at achieving. Why not make it a bit more fancy than tossing a heating stand on a table?
Items Needed:

  • Brazier
  • Buckler Shield
  • Bubbling Flask
  • Heating Stand

The Decorator Tool is needed for this tutorial

The first step is to simply place your heating stand where you wish for this table to be. Lock it down.

Next, place the buckler on the brazier and lock it down.

Raise it 4 times with the deco tool.

You now have a covered light source.

The brazier will put off an orange glow even though the embers have been covered.

Next place the heating stand on top of the pile and lock it down. Raise it 5 times with the deco tool.

Next and final is to place the flask. In order to be able to raise the flask high enough for it to appear as if it is sitting on the heating stand, you will actually place it on the tile to the NW of the brazier.

Lock it down and raise it 5 placements with the deco tool.

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