Round Table

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

This is a very simple touch to any home that could be made by anyone. Its a change from the square table option or the stone tables and makes for a very nice display piece for perhaps a favorite statue or event item.

The table itself is made of 2 pieces and the displayed item is purely up to you.

For my instructional, I am using a vase and rose for my display item.

Pieces needed:

  • Music Stand
  • Barrel Lid
  • Vase
  • Rose
This is a 1 tile decorating piece.
First place your music stand in the desired tile and lock it down

Next, place the barrel lid on top of that. Dependant upon which music stand you chose (tall or short) you may have to raise or lower the barrel lid to cover up the top of the music stand.

Now it is time to place your display item on top. As I said before, and as you can see by the above image, I used the vase and rose.

I used these tables to line the walkway into the poetry forum of House of Usher.

Note: This is an item you cannot walk through, so be sure you have it in a location where it will not block something you would want to get to.

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