SE Corner Shelf

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

Have you found yourself with perhaps a few too many SE Stealables laying around and not quite sure of what other uses you could possibly dream up for them?

Here is one more!

Items Needed:

  • 2 Zen Rock Gardens (square)
  • Shelf Decor (using bottle liquor, moonfire brew and empty

Decorator’s Tool is Needed

First step is to find the corner you wish to use. Place one of the zen gardens in the corner and raise it 13 placements.

I used the empty picture as my top decorative piece. I locked it down and raised it as high as it would go.

Next, place the 2nd zen garden down and secure it. Raise it up 8 times with the deco tool.

I used the moonfire brew and a bottle of liquor as the bottom shelf’s decorative items. I placed them and locked them down and simply raised them up to the bottom shelf.

Done –

Remember you can decorate your shelves with anything that you like as well as add another shelf to it to make it three high.


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