Written by: Siobhan of Legends

This shelving unit was one I originally saw in Na’Kasha Saran’s castle but she had said she got them from somewhere else – so my guess is they have been around for quite a while, although, for some reason, most folks do not choose to use them.

This is a 2 tile decoration and must be built on the west wall because boards only fall one way and cannot be turned with a decorator’s tool.

Items Needed:

  • 6 Clock Frames
  • 6 boards
Start with placing a single clock frame where you wish for the shelf to sit. Lock it down and turn it so it is facing south (small edge against the wall)

Place another clock frame and lock it down and turn. Repeat with 1 more frame.

Raise and lower the frames to make a design that you like (the holes will make a nice design)

Once you have the design you are looking for with the holes in the clock frame – repeat the same on the other side (north or south) 1 tile.
Place 2 boards center the clockframes and lock down. There is no need to raise or lower these boards.

Place 2 more boards center and lock down. Raise them center to your frames – in my example, I raised them 2 times.

Place the remaining 2 boards and raise them to the top of the shelves. In my example, I raised them 6 times.

Your shelves are now complete – as you can see by the images below, there are many different items you can place on the shelves. Happy Shelving!!!
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