Silver Pillar

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

The only reason this piece of decor is considered a Level II is because you must raise some items. Other than that, this is about as easy as a pillar can get. Many folks use stone tables or stone stacked – this one takes 8 lockdowns and makes a nice piece for an entry way.A second tutorial will be build for a fireplace, that starts with this basic concept.
Items Needed: 

  • 6 Pans of Cookies (purched from local baker)
  • 1 Wood Throne dyed silver/grey
  • 1 Pegasus Statue
The first step is truly a very simple one.Place and lock down 3 pans of cookies followed by the throne. 

Use your decor tool to turn the throne so the seat is facing north. Also, raise the throne 2 placements.

The next step is the more “complicated” step of this decor piece. Drop and lock down a pan of cookies. As you can see, it will actually stack on top of the 3 you just placed.Raise the pan you just placed 3 placements using your decor tool. 

Simultaneously, place, lock down and raise the remaining 2 pans of cookies. Only you will raise the 2nd one you drop 4 times, and the 3rd one you place 5 times.

The last step is to place and raise the statue into place using your decor tool.Voila – silver pillars!
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