Royal Curtain

Written by: Lady Celania of Legends

I saw this on Stratics under the “Famous Houses of Britannia” section and gave it a try.
The materials you need are: 

  • 140 cut cloth
  • 5 bedrolls
  • 5 benches
  • deco tool
A forewarning, this is a lock down hog. You can reduce the amount of lock downs by making the curtain shorter. If you do choose to make the curtain shorter, you can add items on top of the benches, such as helms and swords or flowers. You may also choose to make the curtain 4 squares instead of 5.You can build the curtain on either the West or North wall. I am building mine on the North wall. This curtain will take up 5 squares.
Start at the square farthest to the East.Begin by placing one bench. Lock it down and raise it 15 times. 

Place a bedroll in the same square.

Lock it down and raise it 14 times

In the same square, place a stack of 2 cut cloth. Lock it down.Then stack another set of 2 cut cloth and lock it down. 

Do this a total of 14 times, locking each stack down as you go.

Repeat steps 1 – 3 in the remaining squares.
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