Want to be on the home tours?

Do you have a nicely designed/decorated/both house?  Do you want other players in Ultima Online to see it?  If so, contact me!

I am wanting to do a regularly weekly, possibly more regularly feature, on homes in Ultima Online.  I will be starting out with homes I come across that are public, but am welcomed to being asked to tour and photograph and do a write up of your home as well.

These tours will be similar in nature to what Siobhan did for Castles and Courtyards Site.  Those previous tours are archived here, as will be all articles we post on home tours.

If you are interested in being featured in a Home Tour, please contact me at one of the following ways:

AIM: Kayhynn
MSN: kayhynn@hotmail.com
ICQ: 199889122
YIM: ksilverleaf

email: kayhynn@uohomedecor.com

Or Private Message me as Kayhynn on either UOForums or Stratics Forums.  I can be found in the housing forums quite easily.

I look forward to touring your home and sharing it with others.

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