The A-Square-Ium

Written by: Oshio the Drow, Legends

(Note from Siobhan: get ready for a great tutorial and some moments of laughter!)
Items Needed:

  • 48 Black Cloth
  • 168 Blue Cloth
  • 32 Sand-Colored Cloth (color shown)
  • Decorations (Fishies, Boats, Skulls, Womens’
    underthings, etc.)
  • An Interior Decorator (Uber helpful, not too
    practical to do this without one)
As in 99% of Cloth-Decorating, you’ll always use stacks of 2 pieces of cloth in this project, keep that in mind.

Step 1: Pick out a spot on your floor that’s 4×4 tiles wide. Even though the a-square-ium *seems* to occupy only a 3×3 space, the materials extend South and East an extra tile.

Step 2: Stack your water cloth in Space 1 14 tiles high. (This means 14 individual stacks of 2) Top it off with two tiles of black cloth, leaving room for one item to put on that corner. (Such as my brilliantly conceived bell)
Step 3: Repeat this in Spaces 2 and 3, topping them, if you wish, with whatever you want.

Step 4: Repeat this now in spaces 4 and 5! Easy so far, right? (Oh, and I just stuck those fish up there for apparently no reason (You’ll have time to do that later when you’re working on tile 6)

Step 5: Now this is where the illuuuusion comes in.

Take one pile of black cloth and plop it down into space 7 (Actually, you can do 6, 7, and 8 in any order, but I wanted to get the black cloth on top thing outta the way) put two tiles of ‘sand’ on top of that, then two more piles of black cloth.

Don’t bother putting a decoration, you won’t be able to see it later [i.e., that skull].

Step 6: Raise the top two black piles to match up with the top of the a-square-ium, then raise the sand/bottom up 8

Step 7: Do the same thing with tiles 6 and 7, if you haven’t already, and feel free to put whatever decorations you want
in these tiles.

(Except for fishsteaks, because I know you’ll prepare for this project more than I did.. and fishsteaks are terrible.)

Step 8: Repeat step 5 in Space 9, then finish up Space 10 the same way you did the rest.

(You’ve caught on by now, right?)

Step 9: Get your blue cloth back out and make a stack on Space 11 identical to the ones on 1-5. 14 tiles of blue, 2 tiles of black, and whatever you want on top.
Step 10: Just as you did 6, 8, and 10, make three more bottom-stacks on tiles 12, 13, and 14.

Raise these all up 8 spaces to line up with the rest of the tank and Voila!

Your A-square-ium is complete!

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