Full Flowers

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

Ultima Online has provided players with a wide variety of flora to be grown in many different colors. Sometimes, you just want a bit more of a splash of color but still want something floral. This is a tutorial, built in a two tile span but appears to be a potted flower. It is relatively simple, only getting the placement of the “flowers” being the more difficult aspect.
Items Needed: 

  • Plain Colored Water Plant
  • Dark Green Lily
  • Dye Tub with dye colored to brown
  • 2 Cotton dyed to your flower color preference

As always – the decorator’s tool

Oddly the first step is to place your “hidden” flower. This will be behind (to the NW) of where your tub is going to be built. Place 1 cotton and lock down. 

Next, in the tile to the SE of your 1 cotton that is locked down, place your dye tub and lock it down.

Next, place your dark green lily on top of the tub. 

Raise the Lily 3 placements.

Now, place the water plant and raise it 5 placements using the decorators tool.

The last step is to place the other cotton bale and raise it 6 placements. You should have something that looks like what is pictured to the right. 

Always, run of screen of the house and run back to make sure the decoration “holds.” If anything should fall, raise and lower to the correct placements.

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