Large Daisy

Large Daisy

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

Items Needed 

  • 1 Plain Elephant Ear Plant
  • 1 Plain Water Plant
  • 3 tinkered clock parts
  • 3 NPC Purchased Clock parts
  • Honeydew Melon

Decorator’s Tool is Needed

Remember, that unless this is build in a grass tile, you might want to consider using a half barrel or some form of a pot to make this piece look more finished. I am building without as if it were growing in the grass.
First step is to simply place your elephant ear plant and lock it down wherever you want your daisy to grow. Next, place the water plant on top and secure it. 

Raise the water plant 5 placements using the deco tool.

The clock parts will be referred to as right or left (the side the gold is on). 

Place 2 of the right clock parts (as one item) down on the tile. Secure them. Place a single left on the pile and lock it down as well. These should fall into place without needing raised or lowered.

Now, we are going to begin placing the other “petals” of the daisy. 

Place the single right clock part on the tile and secure it. Raise it 1 placement with the deco tool.

Next, place a stack of 2 left clockparts onto the pile and lock them down. Raise them one placement as well.

Now, at this point, you may leave the petals as they are OR raise them all up1 placement for a “higher” flower.

Finish up by placing the honeydew melon onto the decorative piece and locking it down. Raise it to the center of the piece.

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