Written by: Siobhan of Legends

The direction of the credenza is dictated by the
direction of the spines. Because the spines I am using are east
facing, my cradenza will be the same.
Items Needed:

  • 4 SE Cherry Armoirs
  • 2 Small Tables
  • 4 Benches
  • 2 Spines (facing the same direction)
Place 2 of th SE Armoirs stacked one on top of eachother.
Secure them both and set security accordingly. 

I personally have trouble stacking these armoirs so I use
the Deco Tool to raise the first one to a decent level and
then place the 2nd directly underneath.

Place the two tables next to the armoirs and secure them.

Place a bench on each of the tables. Lock them down and
turn them appropriately. Lower each bench 2 placements with
the deco tool. 

Next, place the spines – one on each table.

Follow that up with the remaining 2 benches.

The final step is to place the last 2 armoirs, the same
as you did the first 2, only at the other end of your cradenza. 

Decorate the middle to your liking and you are done!

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