Pearl Handled Drawers

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

The pearl handled drawers are much like that of the side table drawers with one slight difference – instead of spellbooks – use spines! Using spines will enable you to have either east or south facing drawers, which are more flexible as far as direction is concerned.

This is a 1 tile decoration.

Items Needed:

  • 4 Benches
  • 3 Spines (facing same way)

The shelves I am building will face east, which is dictated by the way the spines are lying.

Place a bench and lock it down. Turn it to face east if it is not facing that way already.

On top of that bench, stack and lock down in the following order:

spine + bench + spine + bench + spine + bench

You now have a lovely pearl handled chest of drawers!

I recently got an email from Charlie of Legends asking what I can do to help him figure out why his spines are falling. This is not an issue I had so I suggested using fish steaks or raising the spines up a notch. I just received an email with the following:

“…i got the spines to stay. i placed 2 fish steaks under them and didn’t lock the steaks down. now they are staying in place…”

Thank you Charlie for taking the time out to contact me and let me know how you resolved this issue!

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