Wide Screen TV

Written by: Yuri Black of Catskills

*I do not claim this design as my own, I merely wanted to contribute ideas to the UO Community*

This TV takes up 4 tiles and will use 28 secures. It can face South or East depending on direction of staffs you use.

Items Needed:

  • 18 Wooden Benches
  • 10 Staffs. Glacial or Black
  • 2 Goza Mats (South for this layout)

The Interior Decorating Tool is needed for this design.

Step 1.

Place 4 Wooden Benches and secure.

Turn them appropriately and raise them up all the way.

Step 2.

Place a Wooden Bench on outer 2 tiles. (1st tile and 4th tile)

Secure, and raise each one until they touch the bottom of the benches from step 1.

For Steps 3 and 4, repeat step 2 for each.

Step 5.

Place the 10 staffs in the center 2 tiles. (Tile 2 and 3)

Secure them and raise them up till they look right and appear to be in the correct position.

Step 6.

Place 4 more benches. Secure and raise till they touch.

Step 7.

Place 4 more benches. (Should not need raised)

Step 8. 

For an added touch, place to Gozas underneath.

*Notes from the Author*

If you raise top staff too far, half of it will be covered by the top bench.

There are 2 small gaps at the top that you can see through. On bright backgrounds you may wish to conceal with a Dark Tapestry or another Black Goza if it is in the center of a room. You could also place dark floor tiles there etc…

On Step 6, center 2 benches need to be one notch lower than outer 2 benches otherwise the left half of the staff will be covered and it won’t look correct.

I used colored benches to make it easier to see placement. I later dyed them to desired color.

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