Lamp Stand

Written by: Terra of Legends

Items Needed:

  • 1 Tall Music Stand
  • 1 Lantern
  • 1 Metal Shield

Deco tool is required

This item works best if the shield and lantern are made from the same metal, and the music stand is dyed with a furniture dye tub to match.
The first step is to lock down the music stand in the location you want the lamp to be, making certain the stand is facing south.
Lock down the lantern on the music stand.Place the Metal Shield on top of the lantern and lock it down.
Raise each item up 3 spaces to make it appear in the middle of the tile or 5 spaces to make it appear of the back of the tile for shoving it into a back corner.This completes the lampstand.

Since the bottom of the lantern just peeks out from under the shield, you can turn this one on and off without moving anything. Enjoy your new lamp.

I have not tried it, but I am sure you could use a kasa instead of a metal shield if you prefer that shape for the lamp shade.

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