Four Dressy Dress Forms

Written by: Whipstitch of Great lakes

To display your tailor’s skill set up a dressy dress form! There are four kinds I make: The Prom Dress, The Bikini and the Little Black Dress (2 variations).
Items Needed for ALL Four Forms:

  • Interior Decorator Tool
  • 3 Regular Facing Skullcaps
  • 3 Reversed Facing Skullcaps
  • 4 Wool
  • 2 Cotton
  • 2 Bracelets
  • 2 Jester Hats
  • 2 Regular Facing Springs
  • 2 Reversed Facing Springs
  • 4 Dress Forms
  • Regular Dye Tub
  • Black Dye Tub
*Reversed skullcaps come as loot on low level monsters and in fished up junk
LITTLE BLACK DRESS 1Of the items listed above, you will use the following for this design:

  • 2 Regular Skullcaps
  • 2 Reversed Skullcaps
  • 1 Black Cotton
  • 1 Black Wool
  • 1 Dress Form
  • 1 Bracelet
Lock down your dress form. Take one skullcap and “toss” it onto the dress form. Lock it down. Now do the same with a reverse skullcap. It should look like this:
Use deco tool to lower the top skullcap down one. Now toss the black wool onto the dress form; lock down and lower to “waist”.Add black cotton.

For a moment it will look like a topiary!

Lower the cotton to just below the wool. It will look like a frilly skirt. Toss bracelet onto dress form and lock down.You shouldn’t have to adjust with deco tool.

Finished design:

LITTLE BLACK DRESS 2Use a jester hat that has been dyed black, and 2 springs (facing opposite directions). This gives a different yet delightful appearance. Lock down dress form. Place jester hat onto dress form and lock down. Do the wool and cotton like the first dress. Now add springs one at a time and lock down. You will need to lower the second spring down one.
Lock down dress form.Place jester hat onto dress form and lock down.

Do the wool and cotton like the first dress. Now add springs one at a time and lock down.

You will need to lower the second spring down one.

This design is basically the same as the little black dress 2 design, except you may dye the skullcaps & wool any color you like. I am a purple person so I chose a nice shade of lavender.Instead of cotton you will use two wools locked down and lowered separately.
For this dress form design, use your skullcaps just like you do for Prom Dress—except lower them down to the “hips” of the dress form.Place the jester hat on bust and lock down. Add springs like with little black dress 2.

Voila! You are ready to look sexy at the beach!!

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