Written by: Pluff of Sonoma

First step, as always,
is to gather your items.

  • Stool
  • Clock Frame
  • Pewter Bowl
  • Lockpick for east, Scorp for south
  • Barrel Lid
1) Place the stool in the square where you want the toilet. Lock it.

2) Stack the clockback on top of it. Lock it.

3) Stack the bowl on top of that. Lock it.

4) Stack the barrel lid on top of that. Lock it.

5) Stack the lockpick on top of that. Lock it.

6) Raise the lockpick with the dec tool 4 times.

7) Raise the barrel lid with the dec tool 1 time.

Look, It’s a toilet! Simple!

For a South Facing toilet, turn the clock back with the dec tool and use a scorp instead of a lockpick for a flusher.

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