Running Water

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

Giving the illusion of running water always seems to put a smile on someones face. Decor next to this little piece could be a table with plates stacked on top of it.

This decor piece only takes 1 tile and cannot be walked through. A west wall MUST be used as the barrel taps are only made to face one direction and cannot be turned using the decorator’s tool.

Items needed:

  • Barrel Tap
  • 3 Silver Coins
  • Empty Half Barrel
  • Pitcher of Water
Place the Barrel Tap in the tile you wish to use and raise 12 times using the decorator’s tool.

Next, place a single silver coin on the tile and raise it 13 times.

Place the next coin down and raise 10 times. The last silver coin is to be raised 7 times.

Now your faucet should look as if it is dripping water down. Once you have got your coins locked and raised to your liking, place the barrel underneath on the same tile and fill with water. You do not need to lock the barrel down as long as you are filling it with water.
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