Written by: Siobhan of Legends

The holidays are upon us and like any real life home, we want to decorate up our UO homes. This is the turkey I entered into the Tradespot Build a Turkey Contest but unfortunately did not win. I held out posting here until I knew – so here goes.

This is a 3 tile design and you will not be able to walk through the body of the turkey.

Items Needed:

  • 1 Set of Tessen (normal, not crafted)
  • Carrot, pointing downward
  • 3 Regular Tie bags dyed dark browns
  • Jester Hat dyed dark brown
  • 2 Ginseng
  • 1 Round Bagball dyed dark brown
  • 1 Wheat Sheif
First step is to place the tail. You do this because you will not be able to drop the tessen after you begin building the body of your turkey.

On the tile East of the tile you placed and locked down your tessen, drop the wheat and lock it down.

Now we will begin to build the turkey. This will be done in the tile South of the wheat.

First step is to place (stacking separately) the 2 ginseng followed by a bag and then the bag ball.

We will align the turkey body to the tail at the end.

Next up stack another bag on the pile. This will begin the build of his neck. Stack the last bag on top of this one.

Next in the stack is the carrot and then the jester hat.

Now, as you can see, you have a turkey body and a turkey tail, but the tail still appears to be disconnected. Raise all items, starting at the jester hat up 2 placements.
I placed a bit of decor around the turkey including a plate with a butcher knife on it, a hatchet, and a book of “Thanksgiving Day To-Do’s” which of course “chase the turkey” is written in as task number one. Who wrote my book? The Swedish Chef, of course!
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