DJ Table Setup

Written by: CeeKay

This is dedicated to all you who enjoy a good techno mix/remix.
Items Needed:

  • 4 pans of cookies
  • 2 colored ingots (shadow iron recommended)
  • 5 metal shields (player blacksmithed in shadow iron recommended)
  • 2 clock parts (from NPC Tinker)
  • 3 small tables (player carpented)
  • 2 large crates
  • 3 medium crates
  • 3 small crates
  • 1 sushi rolls

The Interior Decorating Tool is needed for this tutorial.

First things first, place your three small tables in a line and lock them down. For the best look, use the interior decorator to turn the table so the grain is uniform.

Now, add two pans of cookies on each end of the line of tables and lock them down.

Then, add one metal shield on each pair of cookie sheets and lock them down.

Lock the clock parts down on the floor and use the interior decorator to turn them. Then unlock and stack one on each buckler. Use the interior decorator to raise the clock parts to cover the bump in the middle of each shield. One or two up should do it. Then, stack one colored ingot on each turntable, and lock it down. Take the sushi rolls and lock them down in the middle.
Take one large crate and lock/secure it off to the side of where the “DJ” would stand.

Now, take your remaining three metal shields and stack them on the top of the large crate.

For uniformity, lock another crate right in front of it (to the exact side of your small tables).

Now, take three medium crates, lay them in front of your setup, lock them down, and stack the small crates on top.Now, go remix your mad lute recordings!
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