Simple Bar

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

Items Needed:

  • 4 Stools
  • 4 Small Tables
  • 32 Cut Cloth Dyed True Black

If you have a furniture dye tub, you can dye the tables and stools a matching color to bring in more color to the room.

The Decorator Tool is NOT needed for this tutorial

This seems more complex than it really is. Four tiles are built, but all four are identical.

For an east facing bar, build from north to south. For a south facing bar, you can build in any direction although east to west works best.

Place 2 black cloth on the starting tile. Lock them down.

Stack another 2 black cloth on top of the first pile. Lock them down as well.

Next, place a small table on top of the cloth. Lock it down.

Now, follow up the small table with two more piles of black cloth, same as before, only these two piles will be on top of the small table.

We have now made the first segment of the bar. Continue on with the next three tiles, repeating the previous steps.

Once you have all the tiles built, add your stools to the front side for your guests.


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