Storage Shelves

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

We have the option of player made shelves that are storage, or we can build shelving units. I saw these and thought what a great idea, especially in a crafting area.
Items Needed:

  • 6 Clock Frames
  • 4 Medium Crates
  • Decorative Items

The Deco Tool is needed for this tutorial.

If you only wish to build one unit, you would only need 4 clock frames and 2 crates. For every extension, add 2 clock frames and 2 crates.
For this deco piece we will start on the west and work our way to the east.

Start by placing a clock frame down on a tile and lock it down. Place another on top of it and raise it until the bottom of the top is flush with the top of the clock frame on the bottom. This should be about 5 times.

Now we are ready for 2 of the crates. Stack them on the same tile of the 2 clock frames you just placed.

Be sure to secure them and set the appropriate security level.

You should not have to raise or lower the crates.

Next, cap off this section of the unit by placing 2 more clock frames and raising as you did the first time.

Now, you can stop here with one single shelving unit or continue.

I continued along and added the next 2 crates and capped off with 2 more clock frames to complete a 2 unit shelf.

Once you have done this, top off your crates with decorative items, or items that will indicate what is inside for easy visual organization.

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