The Hot Tub

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

After a long day hunting and forging for your life’s necessities, every good warrior (or tamer or bard or mage or whatever) needs a way to relax. Here is a nice hot bubbly option for your pixelated friend!

You can make this design as wide or as narrow as you like, for this tutorial- it will be 4 tiles wide by 4 tiles deep.

All cloth, when referred to, will be 2 cloths together except for the light blue. These will be placed as single cloths!

Items needed:

  • 22 Benches
  • 4 Silver Coin
  • 1 Barrel Tap
  • 2 Decorative Ferns (optional item)
  • 2 Candleabras (optional item)
  • 1 Cotton Dyed VERY Light Blue
  • 3 Cotton Dyed Light Blue
  • 4 Light Blue Cloth
  • 28 Medium Blue Cloth
  • 2 Stools Dyed Medium Blue
  • 76 Black Cloth
Start by stacking 6 piles of black cloth (12 total cloths, in piles of 2). I topped this stack off with a blue fern – raised 7 times.
In the next tile to the east, I am going to stack 3 piles of black cloth with no topper.

Repeat again in tile 3.

In tile 4, repeat the steps used to create the first tile (the one with the blue fern)

You now have the back of your tub.

in the next tile, in front of the 1st tile you built – you will stack 8 benches dyed a dark black color. They should be turned to face east.

On top of the benches, place a candleabra, light it and raise it 6 times.

To add the feel of water, place the barrel tap in this stack and lower it 2 times.

Add 2 silver coin to your stack and lower them 3 times. Place 2 more silver coin and lower them 5 times.

Time for water!

In the next tile to the east, place a stool. On top of the stool, stack 3piles of dark blue cloth (again, 6 total cloth in 2 separate piles)

Top that with a single cloth of the light blue.

Add a single bale of light blue cotton.

Build your second tile of water the same as you did this one, less the “bubbles.”

Build the 4th tile as you did the 8 stacked benches and candleabra. No need to add the tap or silver coins as that is “understood” to be happening on the other side of the wall of benches.

Time to start the 3rd row of tiles. Just south of where you stacked the first set of 8 benches, stack up 3 benches.

The next tile for water will be built by stacking 4 piles of dark blue cloth followed by a single cloth of the light blue and a pile of 2 cotton dyed light blue and the single cotton bale dyed the lightest of blues.

For the next tile of water, repeat up to the single light blue piece of cloth then repeat the stacking of the 3 benches on the end.

To finish off the end of your hot tub – you can do several options, – make it from benches or black cloth as I am in this tutorial.

I finished my hot tub off by stacking black cloth in each of the tiles.

For the corners, I have stacked 6 piles of black cloth and for the 2 center, 4 piles of black cloth. This gives the footer of your hot tub the same shape as the header row.

You can place towels and the like on the edges or perhaps some flax you have purchased from the NPCs.


And yes – I ADORE how Pluffy emoted her beetle… *chuckles*
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