Fountain with Looking Glass

Written by: Siobhan of Legends

Items needed:

  • 1 Abbatoir
  • 1 Statue (as shown)
  • 1 Pet Ball (or any crystal ball graphic)
  • 7 Cotton – dyed light blue
  • 4 Empty Bowls (pewter)
  • Plain Snowdrops
  • Plain Campion Flowers
  • Rock (optional)

Deco tool is required

Plant colors and numbers can be altered for preference.

The first, and easiest step is to place your abbatoir.

Remember, the center is where the center of the fountain will be.

Place the Pet Ball in the NW corner of the abbatoir and the statue center. Lock them both down. Raise the statue until it cannot be raised anymore. Raise the pet ball until it appears as if it is being held by the statue.

Next, place 1 cotton down center and secure it.  Raise it to the base of the statue. This should be approximately 10 raises.

Place a pewter bowl on the same tile as the statue (center) and raise it to the bottom of the cotton, which is approximately 9 times.


Now, place a stack of 2 cotton down and secure it. Raise it to the bottom of the bowl you just placed.

Follow it with a bowl, and repeating the cotton and bowl until you have a nice center fountain piece.

As you can see by the image, I have used 3 bowls and 5 cotton total for my center piece.

The next step is purely aesthetical. Add your plants/rocks to the base of the fountain, making sure to raise and lower them to give it a nice round affect. You can use more rocks than plants or vice versa.  This is purely up to the decorator.

I am using plain campion and plain snowdrop plants to finish the base of my fountain along with some daily spawn rocks (the ones shown in the items needed image)

If you wish to get a bit more elaborate, you can add vines to the design!Use the vines that come with 3 prongs for a corner (not a flat wall piece).You may also use Doom stealable rocks as well to create a nice round effect for this fountain.
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